Understories 008: Giorgia Molinari, Giorgia Molinari Studio


In this conversation, Lindsay interviews Giorgia Molinari, a graphic facilitator and founder of Giorgia Molinari Studio. They discuss Giorgia’s journey into design, starting her own studio, and the surprises she encountered in entrepreneurship. They also explore the concept of imposter syndrome and how Giorgia overcame it. The conversation then delves into graphic facilitation, its process, and its impact on clients. Giorgia shares highlights from running her studio and the importance of peer support. They also discuss the balance between creativity and business and how Giorgia views her studio as an enterprise. The conversation concludes with quick fire questions and where to find Giorgia’s work.


Starting a studio requires taking risks and stepping away from the security of a stable job.

Imposter syndrome is common among entrepreneurs, but it can be overcome with support and self-belief.

Graphic facilitation is a powerful tool for capturing and visualising ideas in real-time.

Peer support and regular check-ins can provide valuable guidance and accountability for solopreneurs.

Success in a creative business is not solely defined by financial gain, but also by the impact made on clients and the ability to pursue meaningful work.


00:00 Introduction and Background

04:14 Getting into Design

05:38 Starting a Studio

07:51 Surprises in Entrepreneurship

09:09 Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

14:51 Transition to Graphic Facilitation

16:39 Graphic Facilitation Process

20:47 Impact of Graphic Facilitation

25:23 Highlights of Running a Studio

27:10 Importance of Peer Support

32:12 Balancing Creativity and Business

35:31 Viewing the Studio as an Enterprise

38:06 Defining Success

40:05 Quick Fire Questions

46:21 Where to Find Georgia’s Work