About us

Cloudfields is a management consultancy working with creatives who are building great businesses.

The company was founded in 2020 by Lindsay Faller, a director and strategist in creative business with 20 years’ experience across architecture, design, art, and culture.

Katerina Stefelova joined in early 2023, as a business manager with experience in architecture, art, culture, visualisation, and project management.


Lindsay Faller


Katerina Stefelova

We are a remote company with our HQ in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and work with clients in Europe and the UK.

What’s in a name?

Cloudfields is the literal translation of the Dutch word ‘wolkenvelden’, which refers to the expansive skies so often painted in 17th c. Dutch landscapes.

It is head in the clouds, feet on the ground. To us, it captures what a successful creative business embodies: a blend of imagination and function.

In a solid creative business, the two co-exist.

This frees us to dream big and try things without putting our business at risk.

It ensures our businesses can support us and our team, without quashing our creative spirit. It is both-and.

It is blue sky and the practical working as one.

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