RIBA 2023 Guerrilla Tactics Conference: How Hosting Changed Me

Earlier this year, I was offered the opportunity to host this year's RIBA Guerrilla Tactic’s conference for small practices for 200 architects at 66 Portland Place, the RIBA’s headquarters in London. One day, eight speakers, four Q&As, a workshop for all 200 attendees, and then a Roundtable at the end with the Steering Committee - and I was bricking it.


Design as a Product

Creative business that see their service as a product will give your studio a competitive edge. Moving to this way of thinking has profound effects on a creative business both from an operational and a marketing point of view. And despite popular belief, instead of stifling creativity, systems actually create space for more innovation.


Tyranny of the Chicken (and the Egg)

What do you do when you're stuck trying to move into different sectors, but your current projects don't quite fit the bill to help you make that switch? Here are three solutions to get yourself out of the chicken-and-egg vortex.


In Conversation With: Andreas Christodoulou, House of dré

We sat down with Andreas to discuss how he’s starting to transition out of being a plucky young start-up design studio to one that’s becoming more established, and that focuses more on art and interiors. We delve into his plans for HoD, and what highlights and challenges he’s had since starting his studio during the pandemic in 2020.

Case Study

Drifting to Decisive

Our client's business was treading water with relatively low earnings and less-than-thrilling projects. Cloudfields developed a strong business plan built from the Practice's core mission, values, and how they wanted to scale over the short term. We provided the foundations for outbound marketing content, storytelling and reviewed the Practice’s market position. We brought in operational systems, financial planning and goals and defined an 18-month strategy for the studio, work which resulted in a 40% increase in revenue and 57% increase in pre-tax profit.