Understories 017: Kimberly Pepper, Avec Art Consulting

This week we’re speaking to Kim Pepper, an art consultant and advisor from Philadelphia. Kim is warmth and passion incarnate, and her enthusiasm for what she does permeated our entire conversation. Kim shares her journey from working in the arts to founding her own art consulting business, Avec, a year ago.

In the early days of her business, she doubled down on reaffirming and building relationships, the latter she attributes to her growth over the last 12 months.  What I loved about what Kim does, in a somewhat meta way, is her own creative art practice. Through connecting clients with artists and using storytelling as a tool for curating shows, she is practicing her own art form.  And out of that, she’s building a business that works for her.

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Avec Art Consulting


  • Kim’s journey from working in the arts to founding her own art consulting business
  • The role of an art consultant in connecting clients with artists and curating art shows
  • Challenges of pricing and pacing in a new business venture Managing opportunities can be both a blessing and a curse, requiring selective decision-making.
  • Relationship building is crucial for business success and can lead to oversubscription.
  • Creativity plays a significant role in business, especially in art curation and interior design.
  • Social media has transformed the art industry, providing a platform for artists and businesses to connect and share their stories.
  • Planning and adaptability are essential for managing the future of a business, especially in the art and design industry.


00:00 Highlights and Challenges of Art Consulting
29:45 Navigating Opportunities: The Blessing and Curse of Selectivity
38:16 The Power of Relationship Building in Business
52:17 The Impact of Social Media on the Art Industry