Understories 016: Heather Crank, Crahmanti

This week we’re speaking to Heather Crank, a motion designer and graphic designer, based in Linds’ home state of Oregon, USA. This was a fantastic conversation with Heather discussing her work in generative AI and her ability to integrate language and visual art. 

There’s so much fear around AI taking creative jobs, and they talk about the challenges and opportunities that AI presents, why embracing AI as a tool is crucial, and why it’s so important stay ahead of technological changes.

As an antidote to the digital, for Heather, staying connected with her communities to navigate the evolving landscape is the key to moving beyond the nervousness of what AI represents, and instead sees it as a way galvanising the creative force, to empower creatives into the future. 

Heather Crank (personal)



  • Generative AI is a powerful tool for motion and graphic designers, allowing them to create visual concepts based on specific language inputs.
  • The integration of AI in creative industries presents both challenges and opportunities, requiring professionals to adapt and stay ahead of technological changes.
  • Being specific in language and concept development is crucial when working with AI to ensure the desired visual outcome.
  • The creative industry is undergoing a transition, and staying connected with communities and embracing AI as a tool can help professionals navigate the changing landscape.
  • AI can lead to a creative renaissance by raising the bar for concept development and differentiation in a saturated market. Architects should focus on their unique strengths and find a new niche in order to thrive in the face of automation.
  • Authenticity is key in branding, and businesses should align with their values to connect with consumers.
  • Balancing creativity and running a business requires taking breaks and practicing self-care.
  • Success can be measured in both practical and personal terms, such as financial stability and a balanced life.
  • Unusual sources of inspiration can lead to innovative and impactful projects.


00:00 Introduction and Background
10:30 The Challenges and Rewards of Running Your Own Business
26:26 AI and the Creative Renaissance
35:09 The Importance of Authenticity in Branding
49:09 Measuring Success in Practical and Personal Terms