Understories 011: Maria Sundqvist, Fashion + Repeat

This week, Linds speaks to Maria Sundqvist, fashion stylist and blogger, and fellow Amsterdammer. Maria lives and breathes colour – her passion of styling and fashion is bright, energetic, and ultimately about helping her clients feel amazing. Styling plays a big role in boosting her clients’ confidence and helping them discover their unique style. To Maria, the transformative power of fashion and the importance of embracing one’s personal style is the ultimate self-expression that leads to true comfort in being in one’s own skin.


  • Stepping outside your comfort zone can lead to personal growth and a more fulfilling personal style.
  • Running a personal styling business has its ups and downs, but the satisfaction of helping clients embrace their style is a highlight.
  • Balancing creativity with the business side of the industry can be challenging, but it is essential for success.
  • Online styling services and subscriptions can provide convenient and personalized style advice for clients.
  • Discovering and embracing your style essence is key to developing a personal style that feels authentic and true to yourself.


00:00 Introduction and Background
02:15 Getting into Styling
08:16 Color Theory and Personal Style
12:29 Fashion as Expression
16:17 Boosting Confidence through Styling
20:46 Working with Clients to Discover Their Style
25:32 Challenges of Running a Styling Business
28:17 Being Authentic and Overcoming Insecurities
32:35 Attracting the Right Clients
33:28 Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone
36:32 Highlights of Running Fashion Root and Repeat
39:11 Balancing Creativity and Business
40:40 Online Styling and Subscriptions
46:34 Discovering Style Essence
50:18 Incorporating Color into Style Essence
51:06 Success in the Business
51:22 Favorite Color Combination
52:16 Business Mascot
53:10 Favorite Thing About the Job
53:46 Where to Find More Information