Pricing Creative Work

Cash is King (or Queen). There are two things to consider when looking at pricing creative work: what you need to charge and what you should charge.


Getting to the Why

Why is bigger than what we do or how we do it. Knowing it gives our work and our lives purpose. Here's how Cloudfields found its Why.

Case Study

Planning For The Future

We designed a strong business plan for our clients underpinned by their mission, values and how they wanted to scale over the short term. With this strategic plan in place, Year 2 figures surpassed expected turnover by 46% and profit for Year 2 was 40% after Directors’ drawings and tax, offering opportunity to look to the future sooner than expected.


Saying No and Why it Matters

There is a difference between service and servitude. Learning how to say 'No' is one of the essential skills required when running a business.