Make introductions to potential clients and in return we’ll offer you 5% commission, or give the equivalent donation to a charity of your choice.

How does it work?

1 – Introduce. Make direct email introductions to potential clients, or speak to me about pitching for a project together.

2 – Notification. If a potential client converts to a signed contract, we’ll notify you of the contract value and the value of the commission.

3 – Invoice. Cloudfields is billed inline with commission agreement, and you get paid as soon as we do.

By agreeing to this set up, you agree to the following:


1.0 This agreement is intended to incentivise the referrer to make beneficial introductions to the referee whenever an opportunity arises. This could be with a view to pitching for a project together, working collaboratively, or for the potential fulfilment of a contract.

2.0 If a referral from one party to the other results in a signed contract for work with a client, then the referee shall notify the referrer of the value of the contract. At which point, the referrer shall invoice the referee based on the following conditions;

2.1 The referral fee shall be 5% of the total fee secured for the project.
2.2 The referrers invoices shall only be settled by the referee upon receiving the relevant fee from the referred client.
2.3 If the value of a contract increases after it’s signed, no further referral fees will be due to the referrer beyond the original contracted scope of work.
2.4 If a contract for work is terminated early by a referred client at any stage throughout a project, or should they fail to pay any invoice(s), the referee shall only be liable to pay the referrer a fee proportionate to the value invoiced to and collected from the referred client.

3.0 Should more than one referrer introduce the same client to the referee, the fee shall be paid to the referrer who made the most proximate or recent introduction.