Case Study

From Muddled to Managed


We built a business plan for our client based on the short to medium term objectives of the business. Our work together created infrastructure reduce lead times by 50%, reviewed external language to elevate the brand from its competitors, leading to £120k increased revenue while equally increasing pre-tax by 26%, and defined its niche to transition to bigger projects with better fees, and helped build a strong core team.


Cloudfields collaborated with our client on a roadmap that moved the workshop away from a team made up of sub-contractors to a solid and dedicated team in-house. We encouraged the client to create a business rooted in purpose and values, and elevate its product and service away from traditional building trades. Operationally, the company needed infrastructure to resource people and projects and offer shorter lead times to their clients, and to manage the team.

We were new to our client’s industry when we started working with them. We were initially approached because the founder wanted to reduce his lead times for clients and because the business was inundated with enquiries.

The latter is a sure sign that prices need to be increased to start sifting clients out. The founder wanted to move away from small projects and towards larger-scale ones with full design teams to align themselves more on the creative side than the building side; a craft studio, so to speak.

We worked with client to write the business plan, a focussed niche which allowed for growth, and articulate a clear vision for the studio. Once this was created we worked alongside the client to deliver on that strategy, run cost analyses, supported on marketing, HR, contractual, and hiring material.