Case Study

Drifting to Decisive


Practice J approached Cloudfields in their 8th year of trading. The business had long since plateaued, with relative low earnings in relation to the age of the practice, and the Founder felt as if they were treading water. After extensive research, we developed a strong business plan that was built from their mission, values and how they wanted to scale over the short term. In addition, the Founder had already begun rebranding the studio, so we provided the foundations for outbound marketing content, storytelling and reviewed the Practice’s market position. We brought in operational systems, financial planning and goals and defined an 18-month strategy for the studio. This resulted in a 40% increase in revenue and 57% increase in pre-tax profit.


Practice J approached us during in the pandemic requesting support with the next stages of their business. The company had been set up in 2013, and had been operating more as a hobby than as a real business. Projects were completed, but the financial earnings were stagnate, and the owner was feeling disillusioned about the current trajectory. There was no strategy in place, and that had left a feeling of uncertainty. Cloudfields proposed building a hybrid business plan/brand strategy for them which gave them an actionable roadmap for the next 12-18 months.

We wanted to create a realistic plan for Practice J that took into consideration the clients’ personal and professional goals, as well as considered the area of the studio and where it sat within the local architecture and interiors market.

A core part of any Cloudfields collaboration is defining the foundational elements of the business: clear purpose and values. This is essential work from which to build a cohesive brand and company structure.

The business plan/strategy document took the form of the following:

  • Purpose
  • Values
  • Executive Summary
  • Opportunities
  • Marketing + Sales plan
  • Aspirational Organisational Chart
  • Operational Plan
  • Financial Plan

Upon completion of the business plan, Cloudfields supported the founder with further operational set up.

Our support gave the founder clarity and the ability and confidence to think  strategically about their business. Our collaborative approach ensured that we built practical action plans that worked towards our client’s goals, considering their long-term plans as they negotiate day-to-day.

This resulted in a 40% increase in revenue and 57% increase in pre-tax profit.